'Twilight' tour kicks off Friday

LOS ANGELES The sequel's soundtrack is currently number one on all charts as well.

Bands featured in the soundtrack for "New Moon" performed at the kick-off festivities in Hollywood and Highland Friday night.

Also, select cast members from the movie held a question-and-answer session.

"Twilight" fans by the hundreds all lined up to see stars from the film, hear a question-and-answer session from cast members and for some "Twi-hards," autographs too.

"I'm so excited! I waited in line all night in the cold forever to get a wrist band," said Natalie Ontiveros, an avid "Twilight" fan.

At this point, to say that the "Twilight" saga "New Moon" is highly anticipated is an understatement.

"I love the movie, I love the CD, I love all of the cast people, everything, the director, I hope he does an amazing job with this movie because the last movie was kind of a little disappointing ," said Alice Garcia, another "Twilight" fan.

Women clearly made up most of the people awaiting the tour's kick-off event, but there were a few men in the mix.

"I came with my wife to support her," said Paul Hiott.

"I have a good husband," said Rhiannon Hiott.

"I'll make sure she doesn't leave with any of those vampires," Paul added.

"It's a wolf pack, honey," Rhiannon corrected. "I like the darker ones."

Approximately 50 percent of the people gathered in Hollywood were clad in black "New Moon" T-shirts, making the "Twilight" fans easy to pick out.

The stars of "New Moon" are on a promotional blitz right now, and you're about to see them on every TV talk show. They'll also show up on the covers of dozens of magazines.

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