Twi-hards will love 'New Moon'

LOS ANGELES "I think it will exceed everyone's expectations of what the 'Twilight' series is about and also what sequels are in general, I think. I hope. Maybe that's a pretty broad statement," said Pattinson.

The 23-year-old Brit returns as vampire Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" sequel "New Moon." He's still in love with the mortal Bella Swan, but love may not be enough anymore.

Edward disappears from Bella's life, but he still seems to keep re-appearing by her side all through the movie.

"This character's kind of mythologized by other characters, even by Jacob, in the movie," said Pattinson. "It's always in Jacob's mind that Edward's presence is always just getting into everything. He never quite disappears and I like that."

Jacob Black, a werewolf who is also in love with Bella, is the main focus of attention this time around.

The film is also touted as having more action, and Pattinson is a part of that.

"I think there's something about it. It's a much more complex film in a lot of ways and I really think it doesn't shortchange people," said Pattinson. "I don't think it seems in any way like a sequel. I don't think it seems really like a franchise movie."

"Twilight" turned Pattinson into an instant star. But the stars in his life are the people who have been around long before all the craziness that comes with the "Twilight" territory.

"They're amazing. There's never been a single person in my life who's ever sold any kind of story or anything so it's kind of great," said Pattinson.

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon" will be in theaters Friday, November 20.

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