'New Moon' breaking box office records

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. Thousands of fans of Stephanie Meyer's vampire saga "Twilight" have been lining up at theaters across the country to catch the latest film in the series, "New Moon."

The first showings started at midnight and most theaters were sold out weeks in advance.

The latest Twi-film has already earned an estimated $26 million from the midnight screenings alone. That tops the previous top overnight money makers, "The Dark Knight" and the last "Harry Potter" movie.

The latest installment has generated a lot of excitement for the fans. Overnight around 3,000 Twi-hards watched midnight screenings at Universal City Walk.

The wildly popular vampire romance saga continues the love story between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

"I really enjoy the love aspect of the story," said Twi-mom Aimee Cueto. "It is fun and it takes me to my inner teenager."

Joseph Hill was one of the few men who were waiting Friday morning to see "New Moon."

"Mainly about this series, it's about the vampires and the werewolves," said Hill. "The supernatural stuff is what interested me the most."

Director Chris Weitz told Eyewitness News that a lot of men would enjoy the film because of the action sequences. The cast also has said that "New Moon" is packed with action and that the film would appeal to men and women.

While devoted fans are captivated by the story, there is something about Edward that appeals to all ages.

"I don't want my 14-year-old son to see this because he knows I have a crush on Edward," said Twi-mom Terri Kawamura.

"New Moon" opened nationwide Friday.

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