Black Friday shoppers pour into local stores

PORTER RANCH, Calif. "Oh it's incredible, oh my god, it's crazy. I come every year, it's just, this year it's really, really crazy," said one shopper. "You got people backed up end to end, and I finally made it in, and I got what I wanted, and I'm happy."

People began lining up as early as Wednesday afternoon at the Porter Ranch Town Center, which has a Toys 'R' Us, Walmart and a Best Buy.

After two nights camping out, shoppers were able to enter the stores early Friday with fliers in hand. Customers bought everything from sound systems and microwaves, to cell phones and GPS systems.

The LAPD was at the shopping center to monitor the crowd, but people behaved themselves. Police said other than a few people trying to cut in line, there were no problems.

People started shopping at midnight at the Citadel Outlets in the city of Commerce. Retailers are hoping the early openings will give them a much-needed boost this holiday season.

When doors opened at 5 a.m. at the Best Buy at Culver City's Westfield Mall, people moved quickly toward big-ticket items like flat-screen panel TVs, Blu-ray discs and laptop computers.

One shopper bought a laptop, a camera and games, and she said she's saving $900. For savings like that, it's worth sacrificing some sleep.

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