Anna Kendrick trades in vampires for Clooney

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio
LOS ANGELES "I am a really lucky girl, I acknowledge that," said Kendrick.

Kendrick is in the enviable position of both starring opposite George Clooney and having a supporting role in the mega-hit "Twilight" saga.

"I'm so grateful that there's this film I'm a part of that people love and are obsessed with that is a little bit crazy. I had this small role that was so much fun to play," said Kendrick. "And then to have a more serious movie where I am very rigid and take myself very seriously in the film. I feel blessed to be able to show both sides at the same time."

It takes a strong actress to share the screen with an actor like Clooney and "Up in the Air" director Jason Reitman had no doubts he'd found the right woman for the job.

"She is just spectacular. She is from another era," said Reitman. "She is fast and funny and goes toe to toe with Clooney effortlessly. She is a fearless actress and that's the quality I love most in an actor."

Anna's planning to just hang on and enjoy the ride she's on right now, and it's a world that includes her first encounter with Oscar buzz.

"It's a little bizarre to be in the middle of it, but I feel like I had reached a threshold when I signed on to a /*George Clooney*/, Jason Reitman movie -- so I've sort of just plateaued," said Kendrick.

"Up In The Air" opens Friday and also stars Vera Fermiga and Jason Bateman. It's rated-R.

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