LAPD looking for car-to-car shooting suspects

LOS ANGELES Police say the victim's car was exiting the westbound 210 freeway at Paxton when the suspects opened fire.

Investigators are working to piece together exactly what happened in this car-to-car shooting.

The violence occurred around 1 p.m. at Paxton and Foothill in Pacoima.

Investigators say the 17-year-old and a male friend who was driving stopped at the intersection. Another car pulled up alongside and asked the two where they were from, which is a common gang exchange. It was shortly thereafter that someone in the suspect's car opened fire.

The 17-year-old was shot in the head.

His friend rushed him to the hospital, but he was later pronounced dead.

Officials don't have a solid description of the suspects or their vehicle, but are hoping others may be able to help.

"Because of the freeway here it's a very busy intersection," LAPD Sgt. Bernard Fichpatrick said. "There could have been the possibility of some witnesses that observed this incident."

If you have any information on this shooting you are asked to call the Los Angeles Police Department at 1-877-527-3247

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