Penelope Cruz revs up sex appeal for 'Nine'

LOS ANGELES Penelope Cruz revs up the sex appeal for her role in director Rob Marshall's "Nine."

Told she might have the sexiest movie moment of 2009, Cruz replied, "Well, the number really had to have that and the character needed to have that.

"For some reason, I liked for the number -- I loved thinking about 'Pink Panther,' the cartoon, because that, that being surrounded by pink and the robes and the way that she dances with the robes, that's the image that was coming to my mind the whole time," said Cruz.

In "Nine," Daniel Day-Lewis plays a famous movie director. Cruz is his mistress.

"Nine" features a "who's who" of famous faces, many of them Oscar winners, including Cruz herself.

"And then when they told me everybody that was going to be in the movie, I was so happy to work with all of them, to be able to spend time with them. It's really been one of the greatest experiences of my life," said Cruz.

"Nine" is currently in limited release but it goes wide on Christmas Day.

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