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What's bugging you? Poor parking

ABC7 Eyewitness News: What's Bugging You?
February 3, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
You told us people taking up two parking spaces or crowding a supersized SUV into a compact spot bugs you. Here's what you can do about people who cross the line.One driver in a particular parking lot had to squeeze out of her car because the other drivers couldn't park in their spaces.

"I think they should learn to park," said the frustrated driver.

If you drive, it's probably happened to you: You search for a parking space and sometimes you can't take the only free space available because another car has parked over the line.

"It's frustrating because I actually do have one of the bigger cars, and you kind of have to hunt around for another space," said driver Tammy Tinsley.

"First of all it is kind of rude. Secondly, you can get a ticket for that," said driving instructor Miguel Robles.

Miguel Robles is a driving instructor with the Automobile Club of Southern California. He says he sees this type of bad parking all the time and while he teaches his students to be courteous, many drivers usually are not.

"It's usually the higher-end vehicles that take up a lot of spaces, as well as the larger vehicles," said Robles. "It's a little bit both of arrogance and laziness."

"People were probably in a hurry, and it would be nice if people respected other people's space a little bit better," said driver Greg Nielsen.

Nielsen had trouble getting out of his car. There was only one spot available and the person in the next space didn't care how he parked.

"I guess it's sad to say I've grown accustomed to it," said Nielsen.

Some may feel entitled to taking two spaces, but even though this behavior can make you so angry you might want to do something about it on the spot, Robles says don't.

"You definitely want to avoid confrontation with the people," said Robles. "You could always park a little farther away. Maybe parking farther away will avoid the door getting next to the person who's not being very courteous, because maybe they're not going to be courteous about opening their door and could potentially bump your car as well."

"We don't want parking rage," said Tammy Tinsley. "We've already got road rage. We don't need parking rage."

California has about 32 million registered cars, almost one for every man, woman and child. Parking may not be easy, so don't make it any harder on your fellow drivers.