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Inland mountains prepare for another storm

February 4, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
People in the mountains are busy getting ready for the new storm. They already have plenty of snow in the high country. Further down they're worried about flooding and mudslides. Inland Empire Bureau Chief Bob Banfield brings to attention some of the preparations that are being made.Most of the major flood control channels and creeks running out of the Inland Empire mountains are dry and capable of handling run off from the next storm.

Nature and man have done a good job of keeping the channel here Lytle Creek clear. It's dry as it is in during the summer. But during the recent stormy weather, rainfall filled its banks and flooded the streets.

"Just being able to get the kid down to school off the side roads because that's usually the last they plow, side roads are kind of nasty," said Bob Middleton, Forest Falls. "A regular storm a foot of snow no big deal."

"If you're familiar with Forest Falls I think we all worry a little more about if there is rain to come down on the snow here because Forest Falls tends to flood so we are worried about that," said Kent Carpenter, Forest Falls.

Local officials in the area continue to deal with the heavy snow that fell.

"One of the big concerns is, where are we going to put the snow when it comes this time?" said Tom Mcintosh, Forest Falls. "Whether we get a foot or whether we get three feet. And so our road department's been really proactive. They brought in dump trucks last week for two or three weeks straight and hauled snow out of areas so they would have a place to put fresh snow when it fell."

Residents here are still dealing with lots of problems from the last major storm. A few inches of rain or snow shouldn't be a big problem.