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Harrelson continues quirky roles w/'Defendor'

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio
February 22, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
Woody Harrelson is set to walk the biggest red carpet of the year on March 7. That's Oscar Sunday and he's a best-supporting-actor nominee. But Monday night, Woody walked a small red carpet for his new small-budget film "Defendor."In "Defendor," Woody Harrelson plays a man with some mental limitations. But when he becomes his alter ego, he feels like a crime-fighting superhero.

"And, of course, bullets don't bounce off and he gets beat up," said Woody.

Woody continues to take on roles that now defy stereotypes. Recently, there's his Oscar-nominated work for "The Messenger," where he's a military bearer of bad news, and a zombie-slaying tough guy in "Zombieland." These roles are very different from his days tending bar on TV's "Cheers."

"I'm very happy to hear you say that because there was quite a while in the earlier part of my career where I felt like I would only have played one part, you know?" said Woody. "So I felt lucky to have an opportunity to get into movies at all."

Sandra Oh plays Woody's psychologist in the film. One reason she took the role? To work with woody.

"His work in 'No Country for Old Men' -- there's a scene where he and Javier Bardem are sitting chair to chair and his work in that scene was so stupendous, I wanted to sit opposite Woody Harrelson," said Sandra.

For all the stars of this low-budget film, it was about the material, not the money.

"In the long run, I feel like really excellent work is more important than money," said "Defendor" co-star Kat Dennings. "It is, I'm sorry."

"Defendor" is rated "R." It opens Friday.