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Owner threatens to foreclose Octomom's home

March 18, 2010 12:00:00 AM PDT
Nadya Suleman, mother of the world's longest surviving octuplets, may soon be handed an eviction notice. Suleman and her children could soon be forced to pack up and move out of their rented home.According to Nadya Suleman's attorney, Jeffery Czech, she leases from her father the La Habra home where she lives with her children. But the man who sold her home to Nadya's father Ed Suleman says they both failed to live up to their end of the bargain and now he wants to take action.

"What they are doing to me is not right. And I am going to take it to the court for foreclosure," said Amer Haddadin, who sold the house and is now threatening to file foreclosure on the house.

Haddadin says that the Sulemans are not keeping their end of the deal he made with Ed Suleman.

"If it wasn't for me to help them to get the children out of the hospital they would not have the children in the house now," said Haddadin. "So I was the kids' saver, otherwise nobody would give them a house with this deal."

According to Haddadin, he agreed to carry the $450,000 home loan for one year, giving the family some time to find their own financing. But the deadline for the balloon payment came and went with no word from the Sulemans.

"They are not cooperating with me," said Haddadin. They're being late on payments, here the loan is coming up. It was on March 10, and today is March 18. They never came with the money, neither the loan."

Meantime, Nadya's attorney released a statement Thursday afternoon: "Nadya Suleman does not own any house. Her father is leasing the home to her. There are issues between her father and the seller that they are hoping to resolve. She may be the victim in all this."

Haddadin says the Sulemans paid their mortgage payment late over the last three months and he hasn't received this month's mortgage payment at all.

Nadya and Ed Suleman were not available for comment.

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