Cool Kid strives to bring relief to others

LOS ANGELES "I can make someone's day just a little better and they're really going through something they have to live with every single day and just making them smile is enough," said Judith.

Judith is convinced that the people she gives to give back something very special to her.

"It makes my troubles seem so small compared to theirs and it really makes me feel like I can get through anything," said Judith.

In addition to the patients, Judith sees the value of her work with the nurses in the Oncology Department at Tarzana.

"When I'm doing charts or stamping something or doing something for them, it's the fact that they can get off their feet and rest a little bit…the visible relief on their faces is amazing," said Judith.

Working with the children has inspired Judith to pursue a career as a pediatric oncologist.

"They're normal kids and they're going through something so heart breaking," said Judith. "After researching different diseases, I really felt like that's what I want to do. I want to help these kids."

Across the world or close to home, Cool Kid Judith Pelpola brings comfort when people need it most.

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