Storm brings rain, snow to Grapevine

PALMDALE, Calif. "A lot chillier than we expected, not a little," said Maureen Neis of the Antelope Valley. "We were laying out at our pool on Sunday, and here we are today with jackets on."

Powerful gusts of wind started blowing overnight in Lancaster and Palmdale, and throughout the morning hours, the wind blew steadily, bending tree branches but not causing damage.

"I had to go and get my winter clothes out of storage 'cause it looks like I'll be using them and needing them for awhile," said Keith White of the Antelope Valley.

The stormy weather began on Tuesday, when the Southland was soaked by afternoon rainfall. The showers weren't powerful enough to cause any damage or trigger any mudslides in the burn areas, according to officials.

High winds are expected to continue into the evening. Drivers are urged to travel with caution, as strong winds continue to whip through the area.

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