Lane Bryant: Ad of plus-sized women rejected

BURBANK, Calif. For almost a century, /*Lane Bryant*/ has been selling clothes to full-figured women. So when the company came out with a new line of lingerie, the company decided to sex up their ad. Apparently it was a little too sexy for a couple of networks. The ads have not aired. Lane Bryant claims that's because of a bias against full-figured women.

A woman in the ad is curvy, graceful and showing off her assets.

"I think it's tasteful, it's elegant. I mean, I've seen much worse," said Kari Nevil of Burbank.

Asked if he'd seen a lot more, Burbank resident Mike Winard said, "Oh yeah, definitely, especially in the business I'm in."

So Mike may be in the porn business, but according to Lane Bryant, their new lingerie ad was way too racy for networks ABC and Fox.

"We knew the ads were sexy, but they are not salacious," said a Lane Bryant spokesperson in a blog. "Our new commercials represent the sensuality of the curvy woman who has more to show the world than the typical waif-like lingerie model."

The last comment was directed toward Victoria's Secret, whose ads Lane Bryant says frequently air during primetime on ABC and Fox.

"It's definitely a double standard," said Ciara Jandreau, Burbank. "I think that if they get on the Victoria's Secret models for rolling around half-naked, they should definitely let anyone confident enough to do it. I think they should just let them."

The networks are firing back. Fox said the network os planning to air the ad, just with some minor edits, something they do with other commercials. ABC officials flat out deny the claim.

"Their statements are not true. The ad was accepted. Lane Bryant was treated absolutely no differently than any advertiser for the same product. We were willing to accommodate them, but they chose to seek publicity instead," ABC said in a statement.

And publicity it is getting, from New York Post calling it "boob-tube bigotry" to the buzz on the street.

"I saw it and I was just like, 'Oh wow, now I want to buy one,'" said North Hollywood resident Myra Venegas.

After all of this controversy, Fox said it will now air the ad next week without edits. The ad was originally supposed to air this week on ABC during "Dancing With the Stars," but now it's still unclear when the network will be airing that commercial.

ABC is the parent company of ABC7.

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