'Special meeting' to be held on MTA fare hike

LOS ANGELES The session will start at 10 a.m. in the third floor Board room at Metro headquarters, One Gateway Plaza, Cesar Chavez and Vignes in downtown Los Angeles next to Union Station.

The MTA says fares for seniors, students, disabled, Medicare recipients and people who are 62 or older will not change. Fares on the Metro Silver Line, the bus service connecting the San Gabriel Valley and South Bay, with stops in downtown Los Angeles, will also remain the same.

The MTA says this will not be a public hearing. Transportation agency directors had approved this summer's fare change three years ago as part of a two-step fare restructuring. The first change was implemented in July 2007 but the second step, originally scheduled for July 2009, was delayed one year as mandated by passage of Measure R, a new local transportation sales tax approved by Los Angeles County voters in November 2008.

Under Measure R, fares for seniors, students, the disabled and Medicare recipients will stay at current levels until 2013.

The MTA says updating the public about this important benefit of Measure R is one of the key reasons the Board scheduled the special session. The public also is welcome to comment before the Board about how economic conditions have changed and how the new fares will impact regular riders.

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