Lawsuit: CSU summer school fees to increase

OAKLAND, Calif. An Alameda County judge has ruled that the /*Cal State*/ campuses can raise the cost of summer classes to make them self-supporting. The ruling came in a lawsuit brought on behalf of students who objected to have to pay more to study during summer months.

A CSU spokesman says budget cuts have prompted the 21 CSU campuses to pass the costs of summer classes on to students. The alternative would be canceling summer school, or using money earmarked for fall to fund the summer clases.

The changes will affect students taking seven or more units over the summer. They'll pay a maximum surcharge of $80 per unit.

The students' lawsuit claimed that making summer classes more expensive that those offered the rest of the year violated California law. The judge ruled that he could not demand the campuses provide more state-supported summer sessions without providing more funding.

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