Life after 'LOST' what will the stars do next?

LOS ANGELES Some already know, some are contemplating and some just want a break.

"It involves dirt biking and camping and fly-fishing right now, but work, I'll have to get back to you," /*Josh Holloway*/ who plays Sawyer said. "I'm not sure."

Josh Holloway and /*Jorge Garcia*/ are two of the original "LOST" cast members and both waiting to "find" their next project.

"So far, I'm moving back to L.A. and then I'll figure out what the next adventure is," Garcia said.

/*Evangeline Lilly*/ was also on that fateful Oceanic flight six seasons ago. And she's more than ready to get off the island.

"I am very ready for the next chapter in my life rather than in my career and it has been an amazing run," Lilly said. "It will probably go down in my life time has being one of the most significant times of my life, one of the most memorable things I have ever done. But I'm ready for something new."

Veteran actor /*Terry O'Quinn*/ has a more seasoned approach to the future.

"I think there's a youthful version to it," O'Quinn said. "Evangeline Lilly goes 'the world is open to me now', the difference between 20 something and 50 something is, I'm out of work.

Rebecca Mader has not wasted any time. We'll be seeing much more of her, on the big screen.

I just did three movies, back to back. I've been very very busy," Mader who plays Charlotte on Lost said. "I did three independents. I did one with Antonio Banderas called "The Big Bang." I did one with Uma Thurman called "Ceremony" and I just did another one with Jim Belushi called "Mother's Little Helpers" so they're all sort of in post-production at the moment, so they'll be coming out within the year hopefully."

As for /*Michael Emerson*/, the Emmy winner for playing Ben, has a very philosophical approach to the future.

"I think there's every likelihood of a life after "LOST," I'll do something, I always have," Emerson said. "It's good to hold on to the notion of being a gypsy actor and following the work, continue to follow the work."

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