Did HS senior prank turn into animal cruelty?

CHINO, Calif. The agriculture program at Don Lugo High School in Chino has been around since the mid 1970s helping students learn about farming and teaching them how to care for livestock. But caring should not mean having to wash purple spray paint off the animals because of a senior prank.

Student and dairy manager, Alana Matthews, is disgusted.

"I couldn't believe anybody would do something like that to a live animal," said Alana.

It happened sometime Monday night. When the school custodian arrived the next morning, he found most of the animals let loose from their pens. Three cows were spray painted with the numbers 2010. Perhaps worst of all, a cow was named "Maybe" and was tied up to a flag pole.

"They tied a slipknot around her neck," said Alana. "It got tighter and tighter until she was eventually choking. She couldn't breathe."

Maybe is pregnant. This prank could potentially kill her unborn calf.

"Still investigating but we're hopeful that well be able to find out how and who and handle it in the appropriate manner," said Julie Gobin, Chino Valley Unified School District.

Then there's the possibility that some of the sheep could die from bloating because who knows what they ate while they were out of their pen.

"Their diets are strictly controlled so it just depends on what they ate, so we don't know yet," said Gobin.

They do know all of the animals have been accounted for and they're hoping all of these animals, including Maybe, will be alright.

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