Lakers parade street vendors cash in on fans

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES To quench the thirst and satisfy the appetites of /*Lakers*/ fans, vendors set up shop along the parade route Monday.

Sandra Crockett figured she could cash in on the Lakers' victory by selling snacks and T-shirts on 23rd Street.

"I'm hoping to make at least $500, and I'll be out until at least 5 p.m.," said Crockett.

Those who didn't already have a 2010 NBA Champs T-shirt were given their pick, and there were also buttons for sale at three for $10.

Sharon Williams wanted to add a little more flair to her already colorful /*Kobe*/ shirt.

"I bought the button today, but the Kobe shirt I bought like a month ago when we beat the Phoenix Suns. I knew then we were going to do it," said Williams, a Lakers fan.

If you made the mistake of coming to the parade not wearing purple and gold, there were plenty of things you could buy to show your Lakers spirit.

"I came ill-prepared, but it is what it is. I got my shirt now," said Danielle Parker, a Lakers fan.

Some fans didn't need to buy anything new. Arminda Romero showed off her late husband's vintage purple and gold jacket from 1982.

"We loved the Lakers for many, many years - forever. Lakers number one," said Romero.

Also, plastic horns and air horns were abundant for the most boisterous fans lined up on Figueroa Street, but the most important accessory was a camera to document another proud moment in Lakers history.

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