Man says pizza diet helped him shed 24 pounds

WILMINGTON, N.C. A Florida bicyclist says he's doing just that.

Matt McClellan says he has lost 24 pounds on the pizza diet, and his cholesterol has dropped 86 points.

There's a catch. McClellan says the pizza diet calls for just one slice every three hours, and an hour of exercise every day.

McClellan says pizza is one of our healthiest fast food choices.

"Pizza's not junk food," he says. "We're just trained to eat it wrong. We're trained to eat a whole large pizza at midnight with a two liter soda and fall asleep."

McClellan is on a 1,300-mile "tour de pizza" bike ride along the east coast.

He's using it to promote a healthy life style.

He's calling on Americans to make better food choices, get some exercise and pull the plug on bad habits.

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