Fans go crazy for 'Twilight: Eclipse' premiere

LOS ANGELES I'm guessing no other premiere this summer will "eclipse" this one. Thousands of guests, hundreds of fans, dozens of stars -- and then there was all that screaming.

Fans of "/*The Twilight Saga: Eclipse*/" waited for days to scream at their favorite stars.

"I hope they really like it," said "Twilight" star /*Robert Pattinson*/. "It's different from the first two, but it kind of takes little elements from the stories, good consistency. I hope people will like it."

"It's the movie," said star /*Taylor Lautner*/. "This movie is my favorite of the three so far, definitely. It's so much more exciting. The love triangle is at its height. It's a very exciting film and I can't wait for everyone to see it."

As much fun as the fans are having, I noticed that one star was beating beating to the music playing in the background.

"I'm really glad they're playing the soundtrack," said star /*Kristen Stewart*/. "It's making me feel good. If I could have headphones on the carpet the whole time, I think I'd be fine."

The film's co-stars don't get the same screen time as the film's three main characters, but it's still been life-changing for all of them.

"I've gotten this incredible fan base behind me and I think it's every actor's dream to fall into something like 'Twilight,'" said actress /*Ashley Greene*/.

"I think I'm involved in something bigger than me, bigger than all of us, that I really don't have anything to do with. I think we really all lucked out," said actress /*Elizabeth Reaser*/.

"I don't think you can equate with anything I've ever, or probably ever, will do again and, yeah, you work on something -- I literally worked on this, I think, for four days, and to be a little part of it is what I love," said actress /*Dakota Fanning*/.

And I love this story. The film's /*Kellan Lutz*/ made sure to make a fan's night unforgettable.

"The least we could do is at least save one ticket and make one girl's dream come true," said Lutz.

Kellan's a good guy. He did the same thing at the premiere for "New Moon."

"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" opens June 30.

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