George's review: 'Grown Ups' is sophomoric

LOS ANGELES In "Grown Ups," childhood friends reunite at the funeral of the basketball coach who turned them in champions back in 1978.

Adam Sandler plays the most successful of the bunch. He rents a lake house where his friends and their families gather for some time away from the real world.

During the trip, Sandler, David Spade, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider and Kevin James sometimes act like children.

The humor in "Grown Ups" is mostly sophomoric. Some jokes here fall flat, but others had me laughing out loud.

Salma Hayek is a surprisingly good fit as Sandler's wife. She's got the comedy gene.

In a word, "Grown Ups" is silly. Its Adam Sandler having fun with his friends, so if you go, that's what you get. The story does have a few nice grown up moments, especially at the end, but trying to make you laugh comes first.

Joyce Van Patten, 76, who plays Rob Schneider's wife, is just perfect. She steals several scenes in this movie and she earns every laugh she gets.

If you're a Sandler fan, you know what to expect so go enjoy yourself. If you're not, "Grown Ups" probably won't change your mind.

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