Jason Segel seamless between TV and film

LOS ANGELES Now, Segel's the voice behind the villainous "Vector" in the new animated family film, "/*Despicable Me.*/"

"I'm used to creating voices that don't necessarily need to sound like mine and that voice seemed to fit that character so that's what I went with," Segel said. He's got an inferiority complex which was the most fun part to play.

It's this guy who just desperately wants to please his father. That was the easiest part to Tape into. It's, you know, this guy is just desperate for affection."

In the film, a character voiced by /*Steve Carell*/ is trying to steal the moon. Segel's character is his nemesis.

"In the tradition of the /*Muppets*/ or the /*Simpsons*/, a family can go and everyone in the family can enjoy it for their own reasons," Segel said, "so no one's going to walk out bored. Parents aren't going to placate their children. It's really a family movie in the truest sense."

And while he's serious about how he feels about "Despicable Me," he's funny when it comes to his status as a TV star who also has a good track record on the big screen.

"You know, these are the looks God gave me," Segel said. "I'm not going to question them."

Segel then started giggling.

"Despicable me" opens Friday and Segel will be back on the big screen later this year in "/*Gulliver's Travels*/" with /*Jack Black*/ and /*Emily Blunt*/.

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