Stalking suspect nabbed before planned murder

FONTANA, Calif. Gustavo Leonardo Sanchez of Riverside was nabbed by police in a border town Friday.

After enduring /*domestic violence*/ abuse, the victim finally had enough and decided to leave the alleged abuser. With help from friends who had witnessed the victim come to work with bruises, black eyes and staples in her head, she left Sanchez. She sought a domestic violence shelter and obtained a restraining order against Sanchez.

Months later, witnesses report that Sanchez began to obsess over getting his wife back. He talked about following her to and from her work place and also bragged about wanting to kill her. Witnesses also reported seeing a gun case and ammunition at his house.

The victim was informed of her husband's behavior and began to fear for her life. She moved homes and took a leave of absence from her work. On June 26, the victim contacted the West Foothill Sheriff's Office and informed them of her situation. At that time, Sanchez began bragging to friends that he was planning on killing his wife within the week.

After an in-depth investigation, officers tracked down Sanchez at a house in Calexico, Calif. where he was taken into custody without incident and transported to West Valley Detention Center.

Sanchez was booked for stalking and is currently awaiting arraignment.

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