All-Star game brings much revenue to Anaheim

ANAHEIM, Calif. Times may be tough, but it is definitely hard to tell that in Anaheim. Angel Stadium of Anaheim seats 45,000 people, and even though the tickets start at $145, the All-Star game is all sold out. And that is just the beginning of the economic impact of hosting the game.

The best-known names in baseball may be descending on Anaheim, but it's all the unknowns that may have the biggest impact: People like the Inmans who came in from Dallas for the game, and then some.

"We've been on the Jay Leno show last night, we went to Def Comedy Jam last night at the Improv, so we're taking in L.A.," said Dana Inman.

And they're leaving behind a nice chunk of change.

"About two grand. Two thousand," said Inman.

When you consider all the people coming through Anaheim for the big game, it all starts to add up. Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle says the city is expecting the All-Star game to draw in some 220,000 people, most of whom will leave a trail of money behind them.

"That equates to about $85 million worth of revenue spent within Anaheim and the surrounding Southern California region," said Pringle.

While tickets for the game cost in the hundreds, most of the money will be spent outside the stadium. Many of the fans come hungry and they come from out of town, which means they have a bigger economic footprint.

"The resort industry, they're full. Hotels are full, and many of the restaurants around here are certainly full, and that's of great value," said Pringle.

You don't have to tell the owner of The Catch that. The restaurant is literally in the shadow of Tuesday night's game, and their business is exploding.

"I would say 20 times the volume in sales," said the owner of The Catch, Joe Manzella. "We've had to staff this restaurant to its capacity with the personnel that we have. We also have a sister restaurant up the street, TAPS Fish House & Brewery in Brea, and we've probably got about 10 or 12 of those guys down here too."

Those may be short-term benefits but Anaheim's mayor says all that media exposure that Anaheim's getting will pay off in the long run, convincing more people to come down here to vacation.

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