Families show water efficiency in competition

BALDWIN HILLS, Calif. The /*U.S. Environmental Protection Agency*/ is going around the country with a "We're For Water" campaign trying to get homeowners to save water by buying and using water efficient products.

"Less water use means that there's more water for future generations," said Brian Barreto of /*California American Water*/.

In fact, Wednesday was the culmination of a contest between two families from View Park in the Baldwin Hills to save as much water as possible.

The Walls family and the James family demonstrated some of the ways they saved water in their homes over the past week. From showering and shampooing as quickly as possible to checking for leaks in the toilets with dye tablets to shaving without leaving the water on, and a whole lot more.

"My husband loves watering the grass, that's his favorite pastime," Ellen Walls said. "So he substantially cut down on the number of days he watered and how long he watered."

If you're going to buy a product to conserve water, look for the "/*WaterSense*/" label. It's much like the /*Energy Star*/ label you'd find on appliances.

And by the way: The James family won the contest, saving nearly 4,000 gallons of water in just one week.

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