Zac Efron's 'Charlie St. Cloud' premieres

WESTWOOD, Calif. Tuesday night was the premiere.

/*Efron*/ spent some time signing autographs for his fans who were clearly happy to see him.

"/*Charlie St. Cloud*/" marks his first big screen drama as a leading man.

In the film, his younger brother dies and he's so overcome with grief, he takes a job at the cemetery where the brother is buried.

But what's different is that he can still see and talk to him.

"Hopefully, you don't have to suspend your disbelief as much in this movie," Efron said. "It was really fun to come to this place which is very different than anything I've done before."

"This is the next step for him and he comes through," said director /*Burr Steers*/. "It was a really brave choice for him to do this but he has the chops."

If "Charlie St. Cloud" is on your summer "must see" list, it'll be in theatres July 30.

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