Cool Kid plans life of fire service

ANAHEIM, Calif. "My grandfather was an engineer with L.A. County. And I was always interested in the stories he had to tell and I became more and more interested about fire service," said the high school student.

Pierce admires the men and women who bravely respond when people are in dangerous situations.

"They are willing to take their time and put it into a career such as fire fighting and I think that's really awesome how they can give up their time to help others on the worst day of their life," he said.

Fire fighting is one way Pierce feels that he can help those around him.

"I believe it's important to work with the community because it really gives back to the community and I think that that's important for everybody," said Pierce.

He may be young, but Pierce is already made definite plans to make his dream job come true.

"After I graduate from high school I'd really like to attend a four-year university to get a bachelor's degree in a possible fire-science field. And then from there hopefully one day become a career firefighter," said the teen.

With commitment and courage, /*Cool Kid*/ Tyler Pierce is on the way to a life of helping and saving people when they need it most.

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