Security on alert at HARD rave in L.A.

CHINATOWN, LOS ANGELES A 15-year-old girl died from a suspected drug overdose at /*Electric Daisy Carnival*/ at the /*Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum*/ less than two months ago, and that has authorities on edge.

Concertgoers at the /*HARD Summer*/ music festival at the /*Los Angeles State Historic Park*/ in Chinatown were searched prior to entering the grounds. Inside, police and fire authorities were on the lookout for any signs of trouble.

Between 12,000 and 15,000 people were expected to turn out for the rave that runs until midnight.

A promoter for HARD said they've taken precautions to ensure safety and keep the focus on the music.

"We have a lot of measures in place," Gary Richards said. "We don't allow backpacks, we don't allow glow sticks. We're trying to put on a music festival. It leans electronic oriented, but we're trying to have a good day at the park and we're trying to stay away from that type of culture."

Age limit have been set for similar concerts recently, such as /*Audiotistic*/ in San Bernardino in late July. There was no age limit set for HARD because it's a daytime concert.

"The ones that are here to enjoy the music, we kind of get the bad rap for it too," said concertgoer Karen Gazcon. "The girl that overdosed was 15 years old so they don't know what they're doing, so maybe there should be an age limit."

The city of Los Angeles has instituted safety requirements since the June rave. It set up a rave task force to take a closer look at large-scale dance music events.

Fire officials said they liked the extra precautions that the HARD promoter took. Combined with their own efforts, they expect that it will be a safe event.

"We've taken a lot of precautions, specifically with the drug culture," said Batt. Chief Michael Bowman of L.A. city fire.

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