Jen Aniston wants big change in 'The Switch'

LOS ANGELES /*Jennifer Aniston*/ plays a single woman looking to change her life in a big way in the new romantic comedy, "The Switch."

In "The Switch," Jennifer Aniston finds the perfect sperm donor to father her child. But when her best friend, played by Jason Bateman, accidentally damages the goods, he replaces it with his own.

"The scene of him in the bathroom -- I read it, I laughed out loud," said Aniston. "How does this happen?"

"I just thought it was an original and interesting idea and those directors really found a fantastic tone and created a modern-day love story that's just fantastic and unique," said Aniston.

Having a baby is a big decision, and if Aniston ever ponders that question for herself, she will likely know just what to do.

"I like the bigger decisions," said Aniston. "Like your gut instinct is usually right there, and that's always guided me."

On another note, Aniston says she'd be happy to visit a certain television locale where old friend Courteney Cox now resides.

"I will do 'Cougar Town' anytime," said Aniston.

"The Switch" opens Aug. 20.

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