1st water park for dogs opens in L.A.


Kristyn Goddard started /*Paradise Ranch Pet Resort*/ as the first cage-free boarding facility back in Texas 15 years ago. Two years later, she and her husband, Brian Kneier, moved to Southern California, where now even celebrities check their dogs into this doggie paradise in La Tuna Canyon.

"You segregate out the dogs that are going to be aggressive. The other dogs could board cage-free and socialize with each other and have a great time and it's been a big hit," said Kneier.

About six months ago, their own dog gave them a new idea.

"Our own dog kind of spurred us because she loves to go to the beach, she loves to get in the water, she loves shallow water, swimming... you know, dogs just love the water. So we just decided, why not? A water park for dogs," said Goddard.

Just in time for summer's first heat wave, Paradise Ranch opened its "Bora Bora Club," a complete water park, including pools with cascading waterfalls and geysers.

And for a little extra, your dog can take surf or boggie board lessons. The pups can also learn how to dock dive.

"Our feature with the Bora Bora cabanas over the water, like they have at Bora Bora, where the dogs can either go under the cabanas or on top of the cabanas, or they can run in the shallow water. All that is a lot of fun for them," said Kneier.

New customers can board their dogs overnight for $49 a night, while a regular stay is $65 a night. A Doggie Day Pass is also available for $35.

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