Review: 'Takers' is poorly edited, sloppy

LOS ANGELES "Takers" takes us into a world of crime. The guys in the group have just ripped off a bank for big bucks and they're ready to relax for a while.

But a former member of their team shows up fresh out of prison to stir things up.

T.I. is terrific as an evil yet suave criminal who wants his high life back, no matter the cost and he's offering a new heist to his old partners.

With the exception of T.I.'s character, the rest of the guys are actually likeable, something I was not expecting out of career criminals.

/*Chris Brown*/ has the film's biggest action scene -- a cat and mouse moment that has him running from the law, dodging bullets and jumping.

The biggest problem I have with "Takers" is the way it was edited. It's hard to take in five different shots in 10 seconds, especially when they're sometimes grainy, sometimes out of focus and maybe even out of sync.

I felt like I was losing track of the action instead of being a part of it. During these moments, the movie just looks sloppy.

/*Idris Elba*/, /*Michael Ealy*/, /*Paul Walker*/ and /*Hayden Christensen*/ were all very good in the film. And /*Matt Dillon*/, who is essentially this movie's star, is not even in a clip and that's a shame. He and Jay Hernandez, as police partners, are really good here.

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