Local woman allegedly sold fake Gaga tickets

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. Debra Brass said she had six tickets to the Aug. 11 show at /*Staples Center*/.

She was arrested, accused of selling at least 37 duplicated tickets to the sold out concert.

Her attorney said Brass herself was a victim, and the /*Lady Gaga*/ tickets were duplicated by someone who purchased them from her.

"Technology crimes are very easy in the modern day to commit and to assume that it's her because fearing for her safety, she went to police, which was unfortunately a rush to judgment," said Brass' attorney.

"She sold approximately 37 tickets, and 15 of those people she actually met with in person to do the transaction," said /*Hermosa Beach Police Department*/ Sgt. Robert Higgins.

Police said they have computer, phone and bank records to support the case against Brass.

She is due in court Oct. 13.

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