Locals hold memorials on Sept. 11 anniversary

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. One of the most moving was at the Los Angeles fire station in Sherman Oaks where a memorial fountain is located.

The fountain holds two major pieces: one, a 750-pound steel girder from the World Trade Center and the other a block of limestone from the Pentagon.

Bells could be heard across the Southland. It's a traditional way of honoring firefighters killed in the line of duty.

Early Saturday firefighters in Ventura County stood outside their stations in silence.

Members of the public gathered to join the tribute. It stirred up a lot of emotions for everyone present.

"There were a number of our people who knew people who died in the World Trade Center. Over and above that, it's not just with the firefighters, it's all the thousands of people who died," said /*Ventura County Fire Department*/ Batt. Chief Mike Sandwick.

"It is a time of remembrance for me because I used to commute through the World Trade Center," said Jeanie Mose, who was at the station in observance. "It was important for me to be here today."

Police and firefighters joined together in Long Beach for a special service.

"Many individuals paid the ultimate sacrifice on that fateful day so we owe them the honor to remember them," said Capt. Jackawa Jackson of Long Beach fire.

A color guard opened a memorial in Beverly Hills. Speakers urged the crowd to remember the unity shared by all Americans in the days following Sept. 11.

"It's to remember the best of who we are," said Assmb. Mike Feuer (D - Los Angeles).

A twisted piece of metal that came from ground zero is the center piece at Beverly Hills City Hall.

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