New vibration machines pump up your workout

LOS ANGELES "One of the unique things is that it doesn't matter what fitness level you're at," said /*trainer*/ Brad Bose. "You can be a complete new beginner because the fact that you're not actually moving or don't necessarily have to move through a range of motion."

Whether it's reducing /*cellulite*/, helping with rehabilitation or boosting the effects of exercise, vibration appears to help us shake many of our problems away.

"First of all, they activate all of your muscles in way that you can't do on your own. Even if you're a top athlete, you can only activate a certain percentage of your musculature," said personal trainer Michael Carson.

Recent research shows vibration training has a direct impact on the hormonal system, generating growth hormone and testosterone, while lowering cortisol levels, which acts as a relaxant. It has also shown to increase collagen in your skin.

Yet these shaking machines vary greatly in size and price. The Power Plate commercial model is $11,500, while their home version is about $2,500.

Patrick Barbara owns DKN, designed for home or boutique gyms. His machines start at $2,500, complete with a balance-board platform and on-screen visuals.

There's also the Pineapple and the VibePlate, both offering more of an unstable rugged workout that is better suited for athletes that can take large jarring movements as both are a bit tougher on joints and pricier than home models.

While you can do almost anything on these machines, what becomes most increasingly advantageous is the use of the straps. It can really ramp up your ability to stretch and strengthen.

"You can stretch, you can strengthen, you can just do light tone, you can use it as a finish off to your workout," Bose said. "Without the straps you really miss about 50 percent of the workouts, so they are far more important than they appear."

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