Sesame Street pulls Katy Perry from show

NEW YORK The duet with pop star /*Katy Perry*/ and Elmo was posted on YouTube and it's already gotten tens of thousands of hits. But the segment was apparently too hot for Sesame Street.

"That's ridiculous. You walk down the street and see the same thing," said Seyandhan Sivapalam of London. "It doesn't really mean anything to me."

"Kids really don't need to be seeing bare chested women on a kids show," said Mychele Copper of New Mexico.

In the song, Perry plays tag with Elmo while reprising her hit song "Hot N Cold." It was supposed to air during Sesame Streets new season.

But officials with the popular children's program announced they will not air the song in light of the feedback they've received online.

Apparently Perry's cleavage in her gold bustier was a little too prominently displayed.

"I think it is cute and innocent," said Hope Pace of Los Angeles. "I think my daughter would think that is the coolest thing on Earth."

"It looked like she was trying to hold herself in while she was running across the winter scene," said Randall Cooper of New Mexico. "It was not kid appropriate."

"I don't think the children will pay that any attention," said Jeanne Bonner of Hollywood. "They are not even looking in that direction."

Perry is known for wearing revealing outfits on the red carpet. A rep for Perry said Thursday that Perry enjoyed her time with Sesame Street and Elmo, and pointed out that the clip is still online on her website.

"I just think it is a little bit too sexual," said Michael Carbajal of Los Angeles. "Kids don't need to see that until they are teenagers."

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