Whitman campaigns at Philippe the Original

LOS ANGELES The day after a sharp and contentious gubernatorial debate, Republican candidate for California governor Meg Wwhitman was back out looking for votes. Democrat and former governor and current state attorney general Democrat Jerry Brown did not make a public appearance. Whitman criticized Brown's lack of sensitivity to women and explained why police and fire departments would be exempt her pension reforms.

Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman was back on the bus and headed for Philippe's near downtown Los Angeles where she was met by reporters and cameras and worked the room for voters.

She declined an offer of free food and carried her own tray to one of the restaurants tables.

Tuesday night she had what may be her last debate with Brown. And once again the subject of a recorded conversation between Brown and his staff came up where someone called Whitman a whore.

The word wasn't even mentioned as Whitman campaigned at the restaurant. But it was brought up as she answered reporters' questions.

Whitman criticized Brown for a lack of sensitivity to the term.

"He did say something interesting, which he said it was a private conversation. I think what you say in private reflects on who you are as an individual," said Whitman.

She talked with a young man and woman about jobs and later went behind the counter to watch people who in some cases have been on the job at Philippe's for decades.

One of the big issues involved in balancing the budget involves pension reform. Brown favors changes across the board for state workers. Whitman wants exemptions for public safety, for police and fire.

"The public-safety folks put their life on the line for us every day. The rank and file civil servants have far safer jobs that I think are very equivalent in many ways to the private sector. Virtually all the private sector now is in 401(k)s, which makes it more affordable," said Whitman.

Polls indicate that three weeks before the election, it's still a very close race for governor. Whitman has been trailing Brown in the most recent polls but is well within striking distance.

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