OC boys hospitalized after eating pot cookies

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. "He said he was sick, he had a headache, he didn't know what was going on with him. He started crying and he was shaking," said the mother of one of the boys. She did not want to be identified.

The mother of the 10-year-old boy described her son's condition after he and two other boys, ages 9 and 11, were nearly poisoned after they unknowingly ate cookies laced with pot.

All three boys, who are friends, went to the 11-year-old's house on the 7800 block of MacDonald Ave. after school Wednesday. Each ate a cookie, then left to play at a nearby park. A short time later all three began feeling sick and all had to be treated at Huntington Beach Hospital.

"He was in the emergency room, his heart was racing. We were there until 1:30 this morning and he was tested positive for having eaten a marijuana cookie at a friend's house," said the mother.

Huntington Beach Police say the cookies were given to the 11-year-old's father as an early holiday gift from a neighbor.

"We're not sure at this point if that neighbor made them themselves or if they purchased them somewhere else," said Huntington Beach Police Lt. Russell Reinhart. "What we're looking into now, was the information passed on to the parents about what was in those cookies?"

The mother believes the 11-year-old's parents knew the cookies contained marijuana, and she says they acted irresponsibly.

"It is not OK to have them laying around and it's against the law, and they have taken the innocence out three boys' lives," said the mother.

The three boys have been released from the hospital, but the mother says that while her son is recovering physically, he is still emotionally traumatized by the whole experience.

"He feels dirty. He feels like he's done drugs. He is sad and he wants the other boy to still be his friend," said the mother.

Police say the man who brought the cookies over to the house, 40-year-old Jason Davis, does not have a medical-marijuana prescription. There have been no arrests in the case. The investigation is ongoing.

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