Feinstein stumps for Boxer in Northridge

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. California's senior senator, /*Dianne Feinstein*/, rallied for /*Barbara Boxer*/ in Northridge. Boxer's Republican opponent, /*Carly Fiorina*/, said Boxer and Feinstein are like-minded.

It's the last weekend before the election and both sides are trying to motivate their base to get to the polls. Boxer was trying to encourage young people to vote on Tuesday.

Boxer is appearing these last few days with her colleague Senator Diane Feinstein. Feinstein is Boxer's campaign chairwoman and says the two work very closely together. They attended a student rally at California State University-Northridge Friday.

Young people were highly energized in 2008 for the presidential campaign. But two years later polls show less enthusiasm. Boxer told them the issues she believes in are the issues the students believe in as well. She says her opponent Fiorina wants to go backward and not forward.

"The economy is the key issue. She wants to go back to the economic policies of George W. Bush, the same policies that got us into so much trouble," said Boxer.

Fiorina was campaigning in Menlo Park Friday. She said she and Feinstein are like-minded and would work as colleagues if she unseats Boxer next week. Fiorina said they agree on more issues.

"Dianne Feinstein and I agree on trade as well. Dianne Feinstein agrees that we need to move forward on some important trade agreements, because 20 percent of our economy depends upon trade," said Fiorina. "Who stands in opposition to trade agreements? Barbara Boxer."

Polls still show this is a tight race. Boxer says no matter what the polls say they have to make sure voters get out on Election Day.

"If people vote from all the different parties -- you know, I get support from Republicans, independents and Democrats. I can't win just with Democrats, we don't have enough registration. You have to really work hard for it."

Fiorina says with Boxer receiving all the high-profile help during the last days is a sign her campaign is in trouble. A number of polls show Boxer with a lead.

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