Candidates making final push before election

LOS ANGELES The pace will be hectic on this final weekend of the campaign. Surveys indicate 12 percent of voters are still undecided and the candidates will be working hard to earn their support.

After spending a few days out of the public eye, Jerry Brown spent Friday night at an awards dinner in Orange County honoring members of the law enforcement community.

Though polls put the Democrat ahead in the race for the governor's office, Brown will be campaigning hard, visiting more than 23 cities in the next three days.

"I don't want to prejudge what will happen on election day. I hope everyone will go out and vote. But if I am elected I'll just do the best job I can in putting California back on track," he said.

Republican challenger Meg Whitman said she believes the race is still wide open. She visited with patrons in Porto's restaurant in Glendale Friday night. The appearance was interrupted by chanting nurses. The California Nurses Association and other state employee unions are supporting Jerry Brown.

"What you see is that the unions are fighting for the control that they've had on Sacramento for the last ten or fifteen years and no one likes to give up control," said Whitman.

Democratic Senate candidate Barbara Boxer was making the rounds with her colleague Dianne Feinstein. The pair attended a rally at California State University Northridge. Boxer criticized opponent Carly Fiorina's stance on the economy.

"She wants to go back to the policies of George W. Bush, the same policies that got us into so much trouble," said Boxer to the energized crowd.

Fiorina was campaigning in Menlo Park where she stated she would work well with Senator Feinstein.

"Dianne Feinstein agrees that we need to move forward with some important trade agreements because we depend on trade agreements. Who stands in opposition to trade agreements? Barbara Boxer," said Fiorina.

It's estimated that more than half of likely voters will cast their ballot by mail, a record in California for a general election.

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