Driver plows car into South L.A. homes, flees

LOS ANGELES The crash happened on the 7500 block of South Central Avenue near East 75th Street about 8:30 p.m.

The driver of the 1996 Ford Crown Victoria slammed all the way through one home and partly into a second one, officials said.

No one was in either of the homes when it happened. Investigators said the homes are abandoned.

Authorities said witnesses saw the driver jump out of the car and ran off.

"The suspected driver of the vehicle was traveling down 75th street," said /*California Highway Patrol*/ Sgt. Jerry Rutner. "We suspect it was a high rate of speed because we didn't locate any physical evidence of evasive action."

Investigators don't know if the car was stolen or not.

A massive hole could be seen in the front of the house.

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