Loma Linda to remove red light cameras

LOMA LINDA, Calif. In the five years the cameras were in service, the city collected just $200,000 of the $15 million in fines paid. Most of the funds have gone to other agencies and Redflex, the company that operates the camera program.

"I believe these red light cameras are ways for city governments to legally extort money from their citizens," said Mayor Rhodes Rigsby, who decided to dump the cameras once the city's contract with Redflex ended.

The city of Los Angeles, which operates 32 red light cameras is also reassessing its program.

"I think more cities should follow and do the same thing because most of the tickets are being questioned. I personally have gotten three of them and was able to fight two of them," said resident Gary Oltom.

The devices were installed with the promise of increasing safety and decreasing accidents, but city officials say the cameras don't deliver.

To help improve safety at busy intersections Loma Linda increased the timing on yellow traffic lights by an extra minute.

"The month after we lengthened the yellow light by one second, the number of violations that we have seen dropped by 90 percent," said Mayor Rigsby.

The city plans to remove all red light cameras from four intersections.

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