Cat found wrapped in duct tape in dryer

RIVERSIDE, Calif. When Animal Control responded to the laundry room at the Highlander Park Apartments in Riverside they found a 4-year-old cat left inside a dryer with duct tape wrapped around its body and mouth. It appeared that whoever did this threw the cat in the dryer and turned it on. A resident discovered the cat Friday morning and called the police.

Officers were able to bring the cat back to an animal shelter and she is expected to recover despite her injuries. She is not available for adoption now because she may have an owner that is missing her.

The cat sustained several injuries, including a chipped tooth and broken blood vessels in her left eye. Animal Services believe she recently gave birth to a litter of kittens, one of which was found inside the wall of the apartment complex and returned to her.

It is still unknown where the rest of her kittens are and authorities are searching for the suspect. Police said it is possible that the person who did it lives in the Highlander Park apartments in Riverside because it is not the first case of animal cruelty that has been reported there.

Anyone with information was asked to call Riverside County Animal Services at 951-358-7387.

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