Arcadia residents against plans to cut trees

ARCADIA, Calif. County officials say they need the space to spread silt, rocks and vegetation from the Santa Anita Reservoir.

The reservoir needs to be cleaned out to operate at full capacity and to meet seismic standards.

A number of local residents oppose the plan.

"It provides a home for a number of species. It's bio-diverse, and elderly people can walk on a flat area," said Altadena resident Lori Paul.

"We need to take half a million cubic yards of sediment from the dam," said Bob Spencer with the /*Los Angeles County Department of Public Works*/. "We have to find a place to put that sediment."

County Supervisor Mike Antonovich has called for a 30-day hold on the plan while residents try to work out a deal to save the trees.

If they can't, the county-owned canyon could be cleared in January.

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