Smart solutions to help with food portions

LOS ANGELES Slimware is a design line of plates that strategically help you visualize how much a true portion should be. The plates have graphically designed areas for protein, starch and produce.

There's no real calorie counting needed, although those who want to cheat might try stacking high.

The largest area is for veggies, carbs like potatoes, rice or pasta go on the medium area and protein entrees in the small area. These are mere reminders of that most should be eating, like four ounces of protein, a half cup of carbohydrates and one to two cups of leafy greens. A set of four plates is $36.50

Not as colorful but just as smart is the Measure Up Bowls. It's portion control in a bowl, with measurements for half cup, one cup, one-and-a-half cup and two cup. A two-bowl set is $29.99

One UK designer started this trend years ago with The Diet Plate. There is a magic plate for children and women, and also an adult male plate for those who need slightly larger yet measured portions. The plate appears fun and magical, but it helps to learn how to eyeball portions. The elegant china sells for $27.50.

And since experts say we eat with our eyes, this is one pretty way to plate our food.

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