Impending Compton school closures angers many

COMPTON, Calif. The /*Compton Unified School District*/ calls it consolidation and realignment, and it comes down to about a half dozen schools being shut down and merged with other schools.

The district believes it could save almost $3 million per year by 2014.

Parents said they don't want their schools to be shut down and they are ready to fight.

Jefferson Elementary School, open since 1953, could close at the end of next semester.

Myrna Garcia said that would mean sending her children to a lower-achieving school.

"They can't treat our kids just like numbers," Garcia said. "Our kids are not numbers, they're people.

"That's the part that really bothers me. I don't want my kids to fail. I want them to do their best. I want them to have a good education."

Parents claim student scores are improving and on the district's website the principal says the school tripled its academic performance goal.

Calls and e-mails to the Compton Unified School District for comment were not returned.

Parents said they haven't been able to get much information either.

"They never mentioned anything to us," said parent Teresa Salvaleta. "We just found out two weeks ago or so."

The school board committee is still considering which schools to close.

Parents said their voices will be heard at the meeting on Dec. 14.

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