Downtown NFL stadium designs revealed

LOS ANGELES If AEG has its way, the L.A. Convention Center will be torn down and replaced with a $1-billion NFL stadium. What could a new stadium look like?

Some architectural renderings of three proposals for the stadium were revealed Wednesday. All three have a retractable roof and seat about 65,000 people. The drawings come from three different firms and are quite different designs.

One is a bulbous, rounded design, and another is fairly rectangular, and the third looks to lean heavily on a Frank Gehry-like style with wavy abstract lines. All three designs though are far from generic and will most likely be a bit polarizing.

Wednesday night, a representative from AEG hired to usher the project along talked about why downtown is the right spot.

"Downtown stadium sites, stadiums belong downtown," said Tim Romani, president and CEO of ICON Venue Group. "The most successful stadiums anywhere, stadiums and arenas, are downtown stadiums and arenas. And this site is a 15-acre site. We've built many stadiums within a 15-acre footprint, and we'll be able to do it here. And that was proven out today as the three firms came in and showed us how they would lay out the stadium on that site, and in fact not only does it fit, it fits one of the stadiums oriented north, south, or east, west, what have you. So the stadium works downtown."

Before AEG breaks any kind of ground it needs the city of L.A. to sign onto the project and it also needs to get assurances from the NFL that a team would move to Los Angeles. If all goes as planned, AEG says it wants to have this stadium up and running by the 2015 football season.

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