Ruth Moore Christmas party brings smiles

LOS ANGELES "Founded out of love, maintained through donations and volunteer efforts. The donations come from friends and family and some of our local politicians or businesses. They know what we do," said Michelle Moore, the event organizer for the Ruth Moore Christmas Party.

There was plenty of entertainment and toys for the boys and girls. There was no shortage of smiles on the faces of the children.

"I got M&Ms and I got my bag for Christmas. I'm so excited and I want to tell Santa Claus, 'Thank you for giving me these great things,'" said student Joana Prarra.

"Christmas means giving back to the community and always having a good time," said another student, Trinity Williams.

Through this event, the spirit of giving has provided tens of thousands of children a Merry Christmas.

"It lets them know that they're loved by the community, and that's what Christmas is all about -- showing that love," said teacher Sharon Cross.

"It's really good for the kids. They get to see that Christmas is not just about presents. It's about community and family," Randy Morgan, a parent.

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