Koreatown underground parking bandit arrested

LOS ANGELES Sammy Johnson was arrested Dec. 16 as he tried to evade police after allegedly robbing two victims in the 400 block of Western Avenue.

Police said the area has seen a rash of robberies involving one or two black male suspects. The robberies show very similar methods.

The suspects would wait outside of an apartment complex and follow the residents as they drove into the building's secure, covered parking structure.

One of the suspects would then approach the targeted victim and demand money while signaling a concealed handgun. The suspects would then take money and other personal items before running away.

Investigators learned that the suspects targeted Korean victims. In most of the robberies, victims described only one suspect, but police believe two suspects are working together in these heists.

Police said the suspects would drive off in a silver or gray getaway car. In most of the robberies, the main suspect would wear a hat and a wig as a disguise.

When Johnson was arrested, he was driving a 1999 Dodge Intrepid. Arresting officers also found evidence of disguises possibly used in the robberies.

In addition to apartment parking garages, detectives believe the suspects may have also robbed two Korean-owned restaurants on Olympic Boulevard.

Johnson was booked and charged with multiple counts of robbery and held without bail. The other suspect is still at large.

If you have any information regarding these /*Koreatown*/ robberies, you're urged to contact police at (213) 382-9463.

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