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Taco Bell fights back against beef lawsuit

January 28, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
Taco Bell is fighting back against allegations that the meat in its products is mostly filler.

The fast-food chain says it is disappointed they weren't contacted before the lawsuit was filed. The lawsuit accuses the fast-food chain of using too much filling and not enough real beef in its food dishes.

Taco Bell says it is a frivolous lawsuit. They are defending its menu and have launched a public relations campaign to reassure customers.

"We want to set the record straight," said Taco Bell president Greg Creed. "Someone's come out and falsely accused us and they've sort of tarnished our reputation."

The fast-food giant is buying full page advertisements in newspapers nationwide and also uploading videos to Youtube. The message is loud and clear.

"I just want to reassure our customers. There's no second guessing. It's 88 percent seasoned beef," said Creed. "That's the truth. There are the facts and my belief is the truth will always win out."

The controversy over Taco Bell's beef started when a former Taco Bell manager approached an Alabama law firm, claiming the fast-food giant's meat was really a taco meat mixture. Lawyers say tests validated the employee's allegations.

"It was less than 40 percent beef, we believe it's around 36 percent beef that's in the Taco Bell product," said Dee Miles from Beasley Allen Law Firm.

"That kind of scares me because I do like coming to Taco Bells," said customer Jennifer Lazo.

Taco Bell serves 35 million customers who are now wondering what's really in their favorite Taco Bell products.

"I hope it is 88 percent really, I really do," said Lazo. "I really do like their nachos."

"We will vigorously fight the suit," said Creed. "And most importantly we will assure our customers that our ground beef is the same quality they have received and will continue to receive from Taco Bell."

Taco Bell's legal team is investigating the lawsuit. They are trying to find out more details about the testing the law firm claims it did on its meat, as well as trying to determine what legal action they will take.